The British Columbia government is committed to modernize the infrastructure and provide opportunities for trade growth. It has formulated rules and regulations that promote trades in the Okanagan Valley. Subsequently, many business and trades have experienced exceptional growth and people associated with these trades have earned huge profits. These people are called Okanagan Trades People. Let’s get into the details of businesses rising high:

Architectural & Engineering – With the boom in the real estate sector, the architectural & engineering profession is the fastest emerged profession. People in this vocation are also called Okanagan Trades People, as they are a part of the fastest growing industry.

Wine Trade – This is the only industry, which is associated with the tourism industry. People from around the world come to taste various kinds of wines. People engaged in this industry form the biggest group of Okanagan Trades People and it is evident from the fact that in 1999 there were only thirty-six wineries, which reached to seventy in 2006.

Carpentry – The Okanagan Valley experiences huge flow of tourists every year and those who come here like to take something back home. People associated with this art have got the status of Okanagan Trades People.

Decorating and designing – The Okanagan Valley has some of the most sought after properties of the world. Here people get apartments, residential houses, condos on rent for vacations which indirectly giving work to interior designers. Today, interior designers also comes under the Okanagan Trades People.