The Metro Vancouver area, as developed as it is, has no shortage of space to build one's new luxury home. Whether on undeveloped parcels of land or in transforming an older structure to bring it int the modern world while sculpting it to your specific tastes. With the temperate weather the region shares all year round and the widely available natural settings that are so often only a short distance away from popular destinations for the resident and the traveler alike, finding that perfect location is often easier than obtaining it.

This said, many are finding that they prefer the feeling or location of an older building in which they can make a new home. Given that much of the Vancouver region is over a century old or at least several decades; changes in building code and requirements has placed new expectation and legal obligations on homeowners who wish to renovate. Pars Homes would suggest always checking with both your realtor and your chosen construction company for a more in-depth look into what these obligations are but there are some which should be wide spread for the safety of any potential homeowner who might wish to purchase and renovate a home in the Greater Vancouver area.

New Safety Requirements – Safety regulations of changed considerably even in the last 10 years and even homeowners who may have built since then often overlook all the expected safety precautions. Today, homes are often built to plan in advance such things as where an owner is required to have a working fire alarm of fire extinguisher. Electrical wiring has seen its fair share of advances as well and many homes are regrettably unaware that their electrical panel in their house, the breaker box, is either sorely out of date or overburdened for today's standards. Asking questions related to these sorts of requirements is not only simply a good education for any homeowner buying an older home but can be a clear indicator in the quality and knowledge of any construction company you may deal with.

Earthquake Resistance – Though rare and even then not usually more than a tremor, Metro Vancouver is not without a history of some sizable and destructive earthquakes. Obviously it is an issue that has not reached many parts of the Greater Vancouver area as many buildings and heritage sites date back half a century if not over 100 years. Regardless of this it is a danger which potential homeowners should be made aware of and prepare for. Even regions east of Metro Vancouver who have never experienced anything more than a mild rumble have changed their building standards to account for the possibility of an earthquake.

New Energy Standards – With Canada being one of the world leaders in green technologies and building methods and British Columbia leading that front within Canada, high efficiency has become a phrase synonymous with everything in one's home now; from new energy efficient windows to GreenStar energy efficient furnaces and appliances. While some of these conversational changes in new homes when compared to older homes are indeed suggestions, many of which the government has created incentives for switching to, many of these changes are in fact requirements meant to protect both our environment and the purchasing property aspirant who might renovate an older building.