It is no accident that the Greater Vancouver Area, also known as Metro Vancouver, contains 13 of the countries most popular cities and sees nearly 30% of all the international travel into Canada. The region has time and time again earned its international reputation, be it the numerous achievements such as playing host to the 2010 Winter Olympics or being home to world class dining for which people travel from other countries to experience. Or for the qualities with which the region was either created or raised with; such as the temperate winters and fantastic year round weather that has inspired the region being called Canada's California, or the many diverse locations and continual stream of talent that has helped make Metro Vancouver the largest center for film and television in the country and third in the world which has earned it the title of Hollywood North.

Combine all of this with an astonishing number of renowned heritage sites, wonders of art and culture, famed shopping destinations and popular attractions which include globally recognized mountains and sports venues for either the enthusiast or observer, and it is little wonder wonder so many flock each year to BC and the Metro Vancouver area as the place to call home.

In turn, the popularity and diversity of the region has created a fast paced and challenging environment for property aspirants and can often be daunting for those not prepared. Pars Homes clients can breath easier knowing though that the Pars Homes building team has spent over two decades not simply being prepared for the rapid paced market and the often complex challenges of building in such a diverse region but by becoming the gold standard in which others are compared to when examined for their effectiveness in their skill and knowledge of handling those same challenges.

How has Pars Homes done this?

Pioneers of Design – To build what is meant to be a home and not simply a house is as much art as it is a science. Homeowners often enter the process of building their luxury home with a clear objective of what they want but not knowing the means of how to achieve it or the final form in which the objective is to be realized. Pars Homes understands this and goes beyond simply just meeting requirements but surpassing expectations. From the design of the home itself and all that entails such as carpentry and flooring and cabinetry, to the details that turn a bathroom into a private oasis and a bedroom into one's personal haven; Pars' designers treat the design of each home with the seriousness and care as the home owner themselves.

Commitment to Quality – Just as a house can not stand on a shaky foundation neither can the type of sterling reputation Pars Homes has built since 1988; a reputation of taking the sort of pride and passion in their work that only those who truly love what they do can claim. This drive is and sincerity in their work of building someones dream home is what compels the Pars Homes crew to use only the highest quality of materials called for by the design as they focus on a result that is as welcoming to the homeowner outside as it is inside while still harmonizing with the surroundings. A one of a kind home that stands out while not sticking out.

Valuing Your Investment – Too often have the dreams of one's perfect home become a nightmare as a homeowner is faced with the expense of investing in results that fall short of or are completely different from the dream. It is never a small thing to build a home, let alone one's dream home. The Metro Vancouver Pars Homes team understand this and take great pains to ensure that value is not sacrificed in the process of construction. They would hope for the best in your place and they understand those hopes in you.

Diversity in the Details – Home owners are better informed and exposed to a greater number of influences then any other point in history. The Metro Vancouver area being a perfect example of this as homes demonstrate a blending of styles and designs that were never paired until recently, while having ever higher and complex expectations of the incorporation of both the man-made and natural surroundings. Just as Pars Homes are as much artist as they are scientist in the field of constructing a home, so too do does the Metro Vancouver Pars Homes team cultivate the artistic talents of the region by employing interior and exterior designers who are not simply studied but have the inspiration and insight to create never before before seen finishings. Making a home not only perfectly suited to the taste of the owner as well as unique but perfectly complimentary to the surroundings.