With so many of the countries largest cities in the region, so much of the region seeing constant growth, and the renewed interest from the government of British Columbia in improved infrastructures and a broadened commercial setting, there is a constant and growing need for increasingly skilled and specialized trades people in all fields; even fields not typically associated with the construction of homes. With the high demands for custom lifestyle luxury homes that has come with the popularity and international reputation of Metro Vancouver, new homeowners of diverse backgrounds and more complex needs then ever before are flocking to the region from both other parts of Canada and other countries.

Metro Vancouver has long been not only the source of much of the demand in British Columbia for these skills trades and craft-people but haven for them as well as some of the most respected universities, colleges, and trades schools in the country and in some cases beyond as many students come from international origins and many local trades-people prove themselves in foreign markets.

Among the network of skilled and loyal professionals that Pars Homes has built in the more than 25 years since its founding in 1988, Pars Homes has acquired experts not only in fields traditionally related to the construction of a home but in fields beyond to meet the increasingly specific and complex expectations of homeowners so that each Pars Home can be turn-key ready:

Wine Trade – With award winning wineries throughout Metro Vancouver and throughout British Columbia, wine has become part of the provinces identity as wine festivals and tours have not only become common but part of what has drawn the international attention to the region. As of 2014 there are over 20 wineries in Metro Vancouver, over 180 vineyards in the province and over 200 total wineries in the province; and these numbers are only expected to grow over time. With wine being such a strong part of the regions lifestyle, custom luxury homes are increasingly being designed to cater with this taste. Whether the solution to cater to this lifestyle taste is kitchen-island based storage and cabinet-bottom racks or a full room with special ceiling high racks and temperature control; Pars Homes has the skills and experience of experts to meet the demand.

Specialized Electrical - High end houses, especially luxury homes, have electrical and technological needs that did not exist even a decade ago. Today it takes more than an electrician to cater to these needs. Complex home automation and security systems that are connected to pools and gates, processional style home theaters, waterproof touch screens installed in bathrooms and hot-tubs, touch screen mirrors, all of with the increasing demand of smart-phone connectivity. With a long standing reputation as the gold standard in luxury homes and Metro Vancouver containing the best technical schools and trade schools in the country, Pars Homes has equipped themselves with professionals who stand at the leading edge of these increasingly varied electrical demands.

Interior and Exterior Design – Beyond simply the color of your walls or what tiles go in the kitchen, design has experienced a renaissance, the line between the design of a home and the design of its interiors and exterior has blurred. Custom luxury homes feature now-more than ever before-such things as interior glass walls, pools that travel from the interior to the exterior, floating floor to ceiling bookshelves, and any number of large and unique designs thought up by homeowners or created by our designers to make a home not simply meet expectations but surpass them to leave every Pars Homes customer happier than they could have hoped for.